'Seen by those who loved him, hence they created'.
This is the biggest television commercial about the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him in history. It is about the famous sahabah, Khalid bin Al-Waleed & his unwavering love for Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. It is believed that Khalid, during the Battle of Yarmouk, stopped fighting to look for his helmet where he had kept a straind of hair of the Prophet's hair.

See how he became the symbol of love during the battle.

The production managed to get permission from Dr. Ahmed Al-Khazraji, caretaker of Prophet Muhammad's real hair, to use the sacred relic in producing the commercial.

The commercial, produced by Exude Media, is the most expensive TV commercial dedicated to the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. This commercial cost is 2.5 million dollars!

It was directed by Oscar-winning German filmmaker, Stefan Ruzowisky. The commercial was produced in a leading Hollywood studio in Europe, and all graphics used in the commercial were executed by "Peixmonodo", one of the world’s most specialized companies in visual effects.

This commercial is one of 200 works being reviewed for prizes at the Al Mahabba Awards located in Abu Dhabi.


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